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LCRA’s Water-Saving Rebates- A Lifeline in this Drought

The scorching sun, dry soil, and low water levels in our Austin and surrounding lakes are undeniable signs of the prolonged drought that has gripped our region. In times like these, water conservation becomes not just a choice, but a responsibility. That’s where the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) steps in, offering innovative solutions and incentives to help our community conserve water during this challenging period.

LCRA- Water Saving Rebates:

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, LCRA has launched a comprehensive water-saving rebate program. The program aims to encourage residents, businesses, and communities to adopt water-efficient practices by providing financial incentives for various conservation initiatives. LCRA’s WaterSmart Rebates program offsets the cost of upgrading irrigation systems, maintaining your yard, testing your soil, and maintaining your pools.

Who is Eligible for a Rebate?

Per LCRA, one qualifies for an irrigation system evaluation and WaterSmart rebates if they are a LCRA domestic use customer, which includes WCID #17, serving Steiner Ranch.

What Rebates Are Available?

The LCRA is providing rebates for 50% of the total cost of up to $600 for residential properties on irrigation system evaluations.

An irrigation system evaluation can be done to assess your sprinkler system’s needs and identify any necessary repairs which in turn could help lower your water use by up to 30%. Please visit WaterSmart Rebates and check under Irrigation Evaluation Systems for more information.

LCRA lists the flowing irrigation system equipment, pool and landscape, and soil rebates that are available:

Pressure-reducing heads and nozzles- 50% of the cost of devices up to $5 per head or nozzle
Pressure-reducing valves and in-line regulators- 50% of the cost of devices up to $100
Soil moisture sensors- 50% of the cost of devices up to $250
Rain sensors- 50% of the cost of devices up to $20
WaterSense smart controllers- 50% of the cost of devices up to $100
Pool filters- Up to $250 per high-efficiency cartridge filter
Pool covers- 50% of the purchase price up to $50 per manual or solar ring, and up to $200 for permanent mechanical cover
Mechanical Aeration- 50% of equipment rental or contractor costs up to $100
Compost and mulch- 50% of cost up to $300 per household. No Dillo Dirt™, rock, or rubber
Soil Test- Up to $50 for a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension test, or 50% of the cost up to $125 for a Texas Plant and Soil Lab test

How to Participate:

Participating in LCRA’s water-saving rebate program is easy. Interested individuals can visit the official LCRA website  for detailed information on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and available rebates.

Per the LCRA website, prior to completing the application, you will want to have the following gathered and reviewed:

1. Itemized receipts for the work done

2. Photos of the upgraded equipment after the installation is complete

3. Information on items eligible for rebates (see LCRA website for a detailed list)

4. Review and acknowledgment of the WaterSmart Rebate Rules required in order to apply for a rebate. These rules are important to review. For example, the application must be done w/i 90 days of the work completed! Please note the application process can take 2-4 weeks.

Together We Thrive: Let’s Conserve Water Today for a Greener Tomorrow

In these challenging times, every drop of water saved makes a difference. By taking advantage of LCRA’s water-saving rebate program, we can collectively combat the impact of the prolonged drought.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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